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We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable festive season, and we look forward to your company again in 2020.

Changing the South African narrative

Putting events and indicators into fuller context.

Jeanette Marais: A force to be reckoned with

Whenever the office phone rang, Jeanette Marais wanted to answer it. That was how she realised a career as an actuarial scientist wasn’t for her.

Likability is the forgotten superpower

Especially when you are starting your business - or your career - from scratch.

WeChat: behind the scenes at China’s most successful app

With more than a billion daily active users, WeChat dominates daily life in China.

Empathy in customer service enhanced by technology

We could be entering the next step in the evolution of customer experience as a discipline, led by advances in technology.

Automation has arrived - but we've been here before

Automation is here. More and more jobs are being carried out by robots and computers and, for millions, the future of work looks bleak.

An action plan for work-family balance

Finding the right balance for your personal and professional life requires conscious planning, ample reflection and proper communication.


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» 18 Feb: The Expert Negotiator
» 19 Feb: Management Development Programme (MDP)
» 11 Mar: Competent Project Management
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