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Kobe Bryant's legacy can be summed up with 1 word

Kobe Bryant didn't just want to be successful. His main goal? To overachieve.

2020: what happens now?

What does the year ahead have in store for business, work culture and big tech?

Again and again and again

Ruts don’t dig themselves.

Leadership lessons from Richard Maponya

On 6 January 2020, Dr Richard Maponya passed away. A legendary business icon and activist, Maponya was known to many as ‘Soweto’s most humble giant’.

The world and South Africa in the 2020s

South Africa is at a crossroad, having had almost 10 years of disappointing GDP growth and even a recession.

Is your innovation process a corporate illusion?

The six common blind spots that severely constrain the performance of innovation labs.

Time to shed light on Eskom’s failures and cut fairy tales

When Eskom declared Stage 6 load shedding recently, South Africa convulsed in a state of incredible anger.

Is Business broken?

South Africa has seen a flurry of corporate scandals. All this leaves people wondering whether the system is failing.

How humans and AI can work together to create better firms

Here's a paradox: as companies try to streamline their businesses by using artificial intelligence to make critical decisions, they may inadvertently make themselves less efficient.


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