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The carnage of corona

South Africa’s economy will contract severely this year as the impact of drastic global measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 tips the entire world into a recession and raises the risk of a depression.

The coronavirus scenarios

Maybe this virus will help us realise we all live on the same planet and to avoid COVID-19 having the last word, we need to create a shared destiny.

How much will COVID-19 shake the world economy?

The economic effects of the novel coronavirus outbreak are currently being underestimated due to overreliance on historical comparisons.

Is everything going to be okay?

That depends.

Big decisions for CEOs right now

Everyone is scrambling to come to terms with the outbreak of COVID-19. That includes business leaders, of course.

Business must adapt to manage through the pandemic

Coronavirus has exposed how slow-moving business can be, but it could also provide the push it needs to become more agile.

Who pays salaries during 21-day lockdown?

There are several new points for employers to consider.

Entrepreneurs hit hard by Coronavirus – ways to stay afloat

It is often said that the elderly and those with impaired immune systems are most at risk due to Covid-19, but small businesses are just as vulnerable, with many who are not going to survive a global economic shut down.

Being a digital leader has never been more urgent

While the COVID-19 pandemic may be a health crisis and shock to the system, it is driving the rapid adoption of digital technologies and ways of working needed for companies to stay relevant.

The 3 main challenges of remote working

COVID-19 has forced us to adopt large-scale remote working with far less preparatory time than any of us would expect or want.

Working virtually? You're not alone

Leaders and employees alike find themselves thrust into a new world of work where communication and collaboration are key.

Coping with life in lockdown

What if we used the COVID-19 crisis to reconnect with others and ourselves?

Coronavirus outbreak reveals a brutal truth about life

Because there are always some things you can't control... but there are others you definitely can.


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