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Mandatory vaccination in the workplace

Employers who intend to make vaccination mandatory may face an uphill battle.

Does working from home destroy creativity?

There’s no question that people are craving more social interaction, and having fewer random interactions, but that does not mean that people working from home are being less innovative.

Resilience: Lessons from firms that were down but never out

All companies faced extreme disruptions from COVID-19, but a subset faced an even bigger challenge: they had been struggling before the pandemic and were in the middle of a transformation to improve performance.

Scaling up or down in the Covid-19 world

Whether hibernator or thriver, Jessica Spungin says companies must match strategy to organisation to shape their response to the pandemic.

Strategic L&D can guide the future workforce

As the pandemic diminishes, forward-looking businesses must prepare staff for the future of work, say David Collings and John McMackin.

Closing a sale? The no. 1 rule to remember

Hint: It's all about audience inclination.

Leadership is a verb

After the riots and looting that happened a few weeks prior, the call for leadership from our State President, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, reached a new crescendo.

How to motivate someone who has no interest in changing

If they don’t care, don’t waste your time.

5 ways to avoid the pitfalls of binary decisions

Before you decide, check how the question is framed to ensure you have all the information you need and have considered all your options.


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