CAPE TOWN: 05 MAY 2019
Programme for Management Development

The Programme for Management Development (PMD) at the UCT Graduate School of Business is South Africa’s oldest continually running management short course and has been helping people like elevate their skills and advance their careers for 50 years. In 2018, the programme celebrated its 100th intake.

We caught up with some of PMD Alumni and here’s what they have to say:

  • Isti de Ujfalussy - “PMD gave me confidence to cope with the high-level position I had been appointed to in a major listed group.”
  • Bernie McLoughlin - “The programme made an absolute difference to my career – it widened and reinforced my working experience base.”
  • Allan Holcombe - “These days such education puts one into close working contact with all types of people, a real 'rainbow' course that can't be obtained in real life”
  • Colin Hudson - “It entrenched the ability to think strategically, and operate with a customer service mentality. It also improved my understanding of financial reports and general business analysis”
  • Frank Webb - “It allowed me to be confident in myself in a competitive environment”
  • Moabi Makabe - “After completing the PMD I never went back to work, I started my own company”



The Programme for Management Development (PMD) is designed to develop a well-rounded, consummate manager who can solve complex problems sustainably, creatively, and innovatively.


Twenty-five years of organisational research points to self-awareness, an ability to connect and communicate with others, and solving problems creatively as the top three traits of effective managers. Grouped together as Emotional Intelligence (EQ), these skills are more important predictors of success than IQ or technical ability. Enhancing your managers or your EQ is therefore a key lever of success and the Programme for Management Development can help you achieve this.


The course will benefit middle and senior managers.

For further information, visit: UCT GSB ExecEd
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