The Next Manager
Gain practical skills needed to transition into the new world of work.

Starting your climb up the corporate ladder and preparing to manage your new team can be a daunting task, particularly if you are not equipped with the right skills and knowledge to guide your decisions.

This interactive programme aims to prepare individuals for future management positions, with the necessary skills to find your voice and to build organisational influence regardless of your position in the company. With the focus on building world class teams and examining 20 keys to climbing the corporate ladder the right way, this programme will expand your social intelligence and help you have a positive impact on your organisation's performance.

Discover the tools needed to build your influence, not from your current position in the organisational structure, but rather based on you finding your authentic voice. By improving your social intelligence capabilities, this programme will also increase your ability to deal with difficult, yet crucial conversations.

As trust is also an important issue when it comes to influencing, anyone preparing to manage a team needs to master the art of building high levels of trust and therefore the programme will help you understand the dynamics of trust building.

The Next Manager programme methodology consists of a range of approaches to optimise the learning experience. This will include guided conversations, audio visual resources, reflection exercises, and plenary sessions.
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26 February 2021
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01 March 2021
01 March to 19 March 2021.
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Johannesburg, South Africa
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