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Management Advancement Programme

The Management Advancement Programme (MAP) is a part-time course designed to assist managers whose experience and primary activities have been in a specialised functional area.

The objective is to give managers broad exposure to the fundamental nature of the management process and human behaviour within organisations.

Specific Objectives

  • To broaden the perspective of participants whose previous experience has been mainly in a specialist area
  • To provide directors, executives and managers with knowledge, skills and techniques that will lead to more professional management
  • To develop the ability to make sound and informed decisions
  • To increase effectiveness in working with people of different cultures and values
  • To increase awareness of the economic, political and social factors which affect business management in South Africa and globally

Who Should Attend?

Directors, executives and managers currently employed in managing a functional (specialised function) area, such as marketing, finance or human resources management, in commerce, industry or service organisations, working to prepare for transition to a more generalised managerial function where they are expected to look at business holistically.

Typically, applicants will have at least FIVE years’ work experience, preferably in a management-related function, or recently promoted to management, or tipped for promotion and be at least 25 years of age.

Applicants should also have post-matric qualifications, in addition to the required managerial experience. Those selected should demonstrate commitment to selfdevelopment and a desire for improving their organisation’s performance.

The profile of MAP students ranges from directors, executives to middle managers and CEOs.

The programme is also open to those within industry, struggling to make a transition into the world of business from specialised areas or functions such as entrepreneurs, as well as those in the medical profession, including medical doctors.

MAP Programme Structure

The programme has a modular structure of six courses of study, two non-examinable, but compulsory modules, Group Dynamics and Business Simulation. The course commences with a compulsory two-day full-time Group Dynamics Programme. Thereafter, students begin the programme itself, completing two courses at a time – in sequence. Part-time students will attend lectures on Saturday mornings or twice a week after work.

For further information, visit: Wits Business School
Course Details

Apply By:
19 January 2012
Start Date:
26 January 2012
Part-time. 26 January 2012 - 07 September 2012
Johannesburg, South Africa
R43 365
Contact the individual below.
Contact: Khosi Nkosi
Tel: +27 11 717 3628
E-mail: Send me an e-mail

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