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CAPE TOWN: 07 MAY 2018
Management Development Programme (MDP)
The Management Development Programme equips participants to effectively implement their organisations’ strategic objectives. The programme also provides a unique opportunity for middle managers, or individuals who have the potential to manage others, to develop their social and cultural awareness and intelligence.

Target Audience

In today’s competitive and ever-changing business environment, entrepreneurial thinking will shape the future of organisations. Managers, who wish to develop these abilities and bring real business benefits to themselves and their organisations are invited to apply for this programme.

What does it cover

The Programme encourages participants to converse and collaborate across a range of business disciplines, thereby enhancing their understanding of how the business operates. It also re-enforces the need for managers to ensure that they do not perform their management roles in isolation. Through this learning experience, the participants will be better equipped to identify opportunities through innovation, whilst building unique management and leadership capabilities.

Please note: In order to keep the structure and content of this programme relevant it is subject to changes.
For further information, visit: USB-ED
Course Details

Apply By:
30 April 2018
Start Date:
07 May 2018
2 Study block of 5 days. SB 1: 7 - 11 May. SB 2: 25 - 29 June. Final Presentation: week of the 13th of August.
Cape Town, South Africa
R49 500 incl VAT
Contact us using the details below.
Contact: USB-ED Enquiries
Tel: +27 21 918 4488
Fax: +27 21 918 4478
E-mail: Send me an e-mail

Training Provider

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