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Change Management Programme

About this course:

Change Management enables organisations to control the installation of new processes to improve the realisation of business results. These processes involve devising change initiatives, generating organisational buy-in, implementing the initiatives as seamlessly as possible and creating an achievable model for building continued success with future change initiatives. The course will increase the propensity for success of people and organisations, highlighting pitfalls and challenges likely to occur and laying out a strategy for mitigating risks and monitoring progress.

How you will benefit. You will learn to:

  • Understand the global context and the need for transformation and effective change management
  • Hone your knowledge and skills around change management
  • Understand the theoretical principles which guide change
  • Understand the process involved in bringing about meaningful change
  • Develop a change management strategy and process for an organisation

Key focus areas:

  • Results Focus: Maintaining a goal-oriented mind-set by establishing clear, non-negotiable goals and designing incentives to ensure goals are attained
  • Identifying and overcoming challenges and barriers to change: Companies identify employees most impacted and also work to predict, measure and manage the risk of change
  • Communicating to employees: In times of change, leaders alter communication frequency and methods to manage how a workforce perceives and reacts to information
  • Ensuring sponsorship throughout the organisation
  • Reorganising around decision making: Developing a system for identifying, making and executing the most important decisions
  • Continuously monitoring progress: Following through and monitoring the progress of each change initiative to tell if it is following the intended path or veering off course
  • Implementing major strategic initiatives to adapt to changes in markets, customer preferences, technologies or the competition’s strategic plans
  • Aligning and focusing an organisation when going through a major turnaround
  • Implementing new process initiatives
  • Addressing deeper aspects critical to the success of the intended change process, including values, ethics and culture of the organisation

Who should attend:

  • HR and organisation development professionals across all sectors
  • Line managers responsible for change management strategy and processes in companies
  • Managers and senior managers who need to learn more about the ‘art and science’ of change management

Entrance requirements:

Matric and/or relevant industry experience


Three days

For further information, visit: UKZN EL
Course Details

Apply By:
11 April 2018
Start Date:
18 April 2018
Durban, South Africa
R7 790
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Contact: Nashlene Maharaj
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