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Strategic Leadership in Challenging Times

Learn and apply the tools of strategic leadership to assist you to lead the design and execution of corporate strategy to grow your leadership competence in challenging economic and political contexts.

At the heart of business success lies a clear and well-communicated strategy. A sound strategy is one that is based on good choices about how a firm will compete in the future, how it will serve its chosen market and how it will bring its capabilities to that market. Strategy is also about making good choices in a rapidly changing set of business conditions. The goal of every top management team is to both seek and create the opportunities that present themselves to the business, while at the same time ensuring threats and constraints are adequately dealt with.

This two day programme will explore the challenges and opportunities ahead and strategies for dealing effectively with them. Professor Nick Binedell will facilitate this programme in which you will have the opportunity to further develop your strategic leadership skills to lead strategy design and execution across your organisation.

Who should attend?

This programme is suited for CEOs, C-suite executives, leadership teams and functional heads.

How you will benefit:

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of leaders in setting the strategic agenda for the organisation;
  • Understanding appropriate strategic frameworks ;
  • Interpret and write a strategy;
  • Implement a strategy; and
  • Develop a sound action plan you can apply back in the workplace.

Key focus areas:

  • Understanding the world we live and work in;
  • Understanding the South African landscape;
  • Leading the organisation;
  • Strategic leadership;
  • Leadership and decision making under pressure;
  • Strategy design; and
  • Strategy execution.
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Course Details

Apply By:
18 June 2019
Start Date:
25 June 2019
Start date: 25 June 2019. End date: 26 June 2019.
Johannesburg, South Africa
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