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Customer Centric Strategy in the Digital Age

Embracing digitisation to build a customer-centric enterprise or rejuvenate strategies in the digital age.

The existing strategy and leadership models used by most product and service enterprises have limitations which inhibit growth and make them vulnerable to competition and disruption. The old strategic frameworks used by most organisations do not coherently design, articulate and execute a customer centric strategy which reveals opportunities and/or threats that could change the game for the industry or company. The customer centric model is posed as an alternative model with a view to creating new wealth and lifetime customer value, using contemporary thinking and technology, promising to transform the way people live and work.

If the enterprise continues to work with old ways of thinking and operating, they will miss out on generating social value which is part of the customer centric model.

Who should attend?

  • Executives, functional directors, heads of functional areas, senior managers and general managers.
  • Senior executives are encouraged to bring a team with them to allow for implementation of the concepts back in the workplace.

How you will benefit

At the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Understand the alternative customer centric model;
  • Create customers and customer lock-on;
  • Identifying new "market spaces" and growth opportunities
  • Broaden boundaries and unify the customer concept, cross-company and cross-ecosystem;
  • Understand disruption, game changing technology and relevance for growth;
  • Incorporate the power of digital into customer centric strategy;
  • Understand the new economics that drive wealth in a digital world;
  • Understand customer centricity's higher purpose and social impact;
  • Identify the new value growth opportunities;
  • Identify the customer experience and game changing innovations;
  • Eliminate waste and cost;
  • Use digital technology, social media in delivering a customer centric experience;
  • Get traction and buy-in inside and out by identifying and managing energy;
  • Make the case for customer centric change driven or enabled by technology.

Key focus areas:

  • The game changing power of the customer centric model and the role of new technologies;
  • Discovering and uncovering new customer value;
  • Building strategy and new wealth around digitally driven/enabled customer value;
  • Activating implementing and leveraging customer centricity and technology;
  • Customer centricity implementation and roadmap; and
  • Application of learnings to your individual/group problem/opportunity.
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15 May 2019
Start Date:
22 May 2019
Start date: 22 May 2019. End date: 23 May 2019.
Johannesburg, South Africa
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