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Managing for Results

For managers who have transitioned from managing themselves to managing others.

Influencing others to effectively implement your plan, working with different personality types, creating processes that support the achievement of your team's goals, and changing your own mindset, are just some of the challenges you will face as a manager.

This programme is designed to assist you in your role of managing people. By firstly understanding your strengths and blind-spots better, and by further understanding how to adapt your leadership style to individual members of your team, you can set yourself up for a successful career in management.

This programme also focuses on the processes and realities of being a manager. It provides best-practice models, theories and frameworks that emphasise personal growth into a management role. It is designed to show you how to overcome your toughest challenges faced at this level of management.

Who should attend?

New managers and managers who have already transitioned into their first full management position but have not received any formal training to prepare them for this role.

How you will benefit:

This programme offers you a three-day opportunity to explore and understand the practical application of best practice at your management level.

  • Assess your own performance against this benchmark;
  • Apply some tips and tools applicable to your management level; and
  • Create a personal development plan to use your strengths to meet the demands of excellence in your job.

Key focus areas:

  • Discover what is expected of a manager in today's competitive and opportunity-filled business environment.
  • Learn how to solicit and use timeous feedback to know how you are doing.
  • Unpack how you perform at your best and how to continue performing at your best.
  • Gain skills, confidence and a "can do" attitude from hands-on practice of the essentials of management with each day emphasising an important element of management:
    • Head: passion for process;
    • Heart: passion for people; and
    • Hands: passion for performance.
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Course Details

Apply By:
26 February 2020
Start Date:
03 March 2020
GIBS - Illovo
Johannesburg, South Africa
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