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Women as Leaders

Further build your leadership and management competencies to thrive in a world of gender equity challenges.

Leadership: Does gender matter? Gender shouldn’t matter, but in reality only 5% of CEOs in Africa are women (McKinsey & Company Women Matter Africa Report, 2016).

Although there has been progress in empowering female leaders in the workplace, gender equality challenges still plague organisations.

As a dynamic female leader, gain the practical tools and knowledge to overcome these challenges and achieve personal effectiveness through enhanced leadership and management skills, to thrive in a world of gender equality challenges.

This programme also provides an opportunity to exchange views and network with women leaders from diverse sectors of government, business and society.

"[I am] privileged to have been a part of this phenomenal course." - Women as Leaders delegate, July 2018.

Who should attend?

Women leaders in middle to senior management positions from all sectors with management and decision-making responsibilities. Women who aspirations to lead with significance and to unlock their potential by connecting the dots between personal, professional and national priorities.

How you will benefit:

This programme will provide you with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills to:

  • By embarking on this leadership journey, you will benefit by being in a room of diverse, intelligent individuals who are determined to break stereotypes, to have their voices heard, to ask incisive questions and become solution minded.
  • Understanding the VUCA world, 4th Industrial Revolution and relevant leadership;
  • Owning your ambitions and embracing personal strategies to unlock your full potential;
  • Conscious and unconscious biases and how to navigate them;
  • Forming the #Tribe of support (men and women); and
  • Leading yourself and others with authenticity by becoming and belonging.

Key focus areas:

  • Macro, meso, micro and past, present and future perspectives of gender equality;
  • Ethics of leadership in globalisation 4.0;
  • Local and global contexts, statistics, trends, research findings and identifying with local and global movements;
  • Seeking the opportunities despite the barriers;
  • Building trust through effective communication;
  • Engagements with industry experts and women who have defied the stereotypes; and
  • Holistic wellness to achieve the 2030 SDG gender equality goal.
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Course Details

Apply By:
25 February 2020
Start Date:
03 March 2020
GIBS - Illovo
Johannesburg, South Africa
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