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Managing for Impact (New Managers Programme)

In today’s fast paced competitive business environment, the demand for good managers and leaders far exceeds supply. This programme focuses on the process skills that new and emerging managers require to work with, and mobilise people in order to achieve tangible results in and across respective business units of the organisation. The shift from managing self to managing others requires a different set of capabilities, in order to bring out the best in the manager and the team. This is often a challenge for new managers, who have to move beyond the known base of technical and task familiarity and embrace a new challenge of working with others to achieve results. The people you work with will depend on you for direction, support, shared experience and knowledge, and ultimately, excellent leadership.

Through this programme you will understand the power of managing people for impact, using proven processes to achieve lasting results.

How you will benefit. You will learn to:

  • Understand the context and requirements of management in a globally competitive market driven environment
  • Master yourself in a team environment
  • Refine your personal leadership brand
  • Employ tools to aid in managing conflict, manage diversity and improve communication
  • Apply content and process skills to manage effectively in your organisation
  • Execute your new role with confidence

Key focus areas:

  • Managing self
  • The nature of leadership characterising successful organisations in today’s business environment
  • Managing others
  • The need for agile teams in organisations today
  • Exploring the leadership strategies required in the various stages of a team’s development
  • Managing performance and productivity
  • Introducing change into a team and dealing with resistance

Who should attend:

  • Young managers and technical specialists
  • Supervisors, team leaders and junior managers
  • Recently appointed first-time and prospective managers

Entrance requirements:
Matric and/or relevant work experience

Three days

For further information, visit: UKZN EL
Course Details

Apply By:
17 March 2020
Start Date:
25 March 2020
Durban, South Africa
R8 700
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Contact: Nashlene Maharaj
E-mail: Send me an e-mail

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