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Supply Chain Management

In a changing world the purpose of Supply Chain Management has transformed from being a function responsible for simple processes such as warehouse stock and efficient delivery, to being a composite, dynamic and fundamental process. Globalisation and technological advances mean that the Supply Chain Manager needs to be an exceptional general manager with skills in logistics, operations, manufacturing and quality assurance.

This programme provides an objective overview of Supply Chain Management from a practical business perspective. Delegates attending the course will have the opportunity to develop practical skills for use directly on their return to the organisation.

How you will benefit. You will learn to:

  • Understand and better manage the operations of warehousing and distribution channels
  • Select suppliers, purchasing systems and processes on the basis of techniques and tools used for this purpose, which optimise the decision making processes around options
  • Assess the risk to supply chain processes of various internal and external factors to the business
  • Understand and manage the processes for leading people in optimising the supply chain of an organisation, including internal and external customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Analyse the value chain across the organisation, to assess and develop key areas critical to the
  • success of the business
  • Measure the progress and results of a change process within the supply chain of an organisation

Key focus areas:

  • Global competitive context
  • Demand forecasting and inventory management
  • Distribution and logistics management
  • Strategic sourcing and supplier relationship management
  • Knowledge and risk management in SCM
  • Value chain and customer relationship management
  • Ethics, social responsibility and sustainability

Who should attend:

This certificate is ideal for delegates who hold a minimum of a matric qualification; most of whom will be considering or would be involved in Supply Chain Management in the future, or will be active in this area of business and commerce.

Entrance requirements:
Matric and/or relevant industry experience

Three days

For further information, visit: UKZN EL
Course Details

Apply By:
01 September 2020
Start Date:
07 September 2020
Durban, South Africa
R8 200
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Contact: Nashlene Maharaj
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