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Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Skills Programme

About this programme:

The main aim of this programme is to equip participants with skills to undertake Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) functions. The imparted skills will assist participants with the knowledge to design relevant M&E frameworks and engage in practical applications of M&E systems. This programme is aimed at strengthening government, private sector’s and civil society organisations’ capacity in monitoring, evaluation and action research in order to develop a pool of researchers and practitioners that have knowledge and skills in participatory monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of programmes and projects. Strengthening M&E capacities both within and outside of organisations will notably enhance prospects for the success of intervention programmes (and projects) and improve service delivery, impact and efficiency.

How you will benefit. You will learn to:

  • Explain the principles and good practices in M&E systems at different levels in organisations
  • Explain results chain thinking, the centrality of indicators, and the need for basic tools and procedures in M&E
  • Explain logframes, integration of M&E, and international M&E frameworks
  • Design, implement and manage appropriate integrated M&E systems within available resource constraints to achieve desired strategic outcomes in specific fields in organisations
  • Distinguish and explain the types of evaluation methods and their applications
  • Explain the planning and management of M&E processes and describe quality controls and guidelines for reviewing evaluation reports

Key focus areas:

  • Basic M&E concepts
  • Principles and guidelines of building good M&E systems to support good governance and improved service delivery
  • An introduction to research methods
  • Research design, sampling methods, evaluation and selecting research tools
  • Key aspects of quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data analysis, techniques for managing M&E processes and report writing
  • M&E methods and tools
  • Programme logframes and M&E
  • Setting up and managing M&E systems
  • An introduction to policy M&E
  • Participatory M&E
  • The SA Government’s outcomes-based approach to performance monitoring and service delivery
  • Good practice lessons from countries that have exemplary M&E systems in place

Who should attend:

  • Projects staff/M&E staff of NGOs and community-based organisations
  • Project staff/M&E staff in government ministries and parastatals
  • Project staff and management in consultancies and other private sector businesses
  • Programme managers who are interested in developing an understanding of the current issues in M&E, and conceptual skills for managing M&E processes

Entrance requirements:

Degree (or equivalent)


6 Months

For further information, visit: UKZN EL
Course Details

Apply By:
05 August 2020
Start Date:
11 August 2020
Durban, South Africa
R30 500
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Contact: Nashlene Maharaj
E-mail: Send me an e-mail

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