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04 MAY 2021
NWU Business School launches African Bon-Bons initiative

The African continent is a global treasure. It deserves to be recognised by unearthing the wisdom and talent hidden in the silent voices of her people. Answers to the multiple challenges facing this continent can be found only by African people seeking and uncovering African solutions.

As experts and academics of the NWU Business School, we have decided to fully embark on this quest – our main aim to shape executive minds in Africa.

We have redeveloped our African-themed logo, which now represents the Business School’s wish to embed its fingerprint in Africa. We have also revisited the distinctiveness of our solutions for African challenges. These solutions pertain to not only specialised education for executives, but also wider economic growth – with emphasis on sustainability. In this way, we want to establish ourselves as the business school leader in Africa.

To achieve this, we are putting our expertise where our mouths are!

Bon-Bons are small, tasty pieces of candy. So is this initiative: compact suggestions for Africa, each bursting with flavour.

The NWU Business School African Bon-Bons initiative has recently been launched. Our experts, researchers and academics will keep their finger on the rapid pulse of African current affairs and conduct five-minute interviews with relevant African role-players.

These interviews will be recorded and suggestions will be packaged in a nutshell to be distributed by the Business School to the media, our alumni and the public.

“We need to be relevant to our continent,” explains Prof Jan van Romburgh, director of the NWU Business School. “We have an obligation to use our expertise to address issues such as water shortages, food security, lack of leadership, health and safety, unemployment, corruption, political instability, etc. By hearing first-hand from the voices of Africa – their concerns, their needs – we will be in a position to provide innovative ideas to change Africa for the better.”
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