Harnessing labour law for harmonious workplace relationships

Before the government promulgated specific labour laws, employers' ethics guided workplace practices, sometimes resulting in unjust treatment of employees. The implementation of labour laws means that employees' workplace rights are protected and that they are treated fairly with respect.

UKZN Extended Learning's Certificate in Labour Law and Certificate in Advanced Labour Law programmes were designed to develop skills in labour law. By accessing such training, companies can ensure that they comply with the regulations. Delegates will learn to handle legal matters in their respective fields and improve their understanding of issues that may arise. Understanding labour law protects both the company and employees.

Labour laws aim to create a harmonious relationship between employees and employers and thus enable all parties to collaborate to achieve the company’s objectives. A fair, respectful work environment enhances productivity and produces better results to promote the company's success. When labour laws are implemented correctly, all parties feel secure. Issues can be resolved effectively with minimal conflict. Employees are more likely to stay with a company that treats them fairly and appreciates their efforts.

If you would like to participate in the upcoming intakes for the Certificate in Labour Law and Advanced Labour Law kindly take note of the following start dates:


  • Certificate in Labour Law: 22nd November
  • Certificate in Advanced Labour Law: 6th December


  • Certificate in Labour Law: 18th July
  • Certificate in Advanced Labour Law: 20th June

To find out more information and register for the programmes, please click here.

You can also contact us directly for more information on the programme:

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