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Are you trying to promote a healthy business environment? By adopting practical business communication skills and strategies, anyone can achieve this. Communication is an essential part of our lives; without it, there would not be any development. Nonetheless, this may not be a strong suit for some people, especially in the work environment. The interchange of thoughts, opinions, and information is what is required to get the job done. Colleagues need to be able to communicate within the organisation and externally with clients. Practical business communication skills assist with gaining control of your environment and fostering camaraderie.

UKZN Extended Learning's Business Communication programme could play a pivotal role in your organisation's success and growth. The key focus areas are communication theory and tools, communication in practice, and contemporary issues. For an organisation to operate successfully, such elements need to be covered to get to the crux of your company culture, values and goals. Delegates will learn how to improve internal professional engagement to eliminate information silos, as showing support in the work environment reaps more significant outputs. Since the global pandemic hit, it has transformed the way organisations work. Changes have included increased remote working opportunities, and therefore effective business communication is imperative for productivity. A simple miscommunication could have more tremendous implications if not rectified expeditiously.

This programme is beneficial for individual graduates and work-seekers who want to equip themselves with employers' necessary business skills. On the other hand, it would also help organisations provide employees with business communication skills to improve the workplace culture and mitigate low engagement.

We are currently offering a teaser Business Communication programme webinar at a price of R150 in 2021. This webinar aims to provide insight into what you can expect from the programme. If you would like to develop a knack for overcoming business challenges for effective leadership, you can find out more information and register for this webinar by clicking here.

You can also contact us directly for more information on the Business Communication Programme:

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