Tax assistance for employees with TaxTim

TaxTim, a new online virtual tax assistant offers businesses of all sizes an efficient way to assist employees with completing their tax returns easily and helping them interact with SARS.

TaxTim’s Employee Assist service allows employers to help employees become tax compliant. Employees receive prepaid use of the TaxTim service, year-round email/SMS notifications to ensure compliance and timely filing, a financial welfare programme comprising tax tips and financial advice newsletter, a vehicle logbook mobi-site for recording work trips on a mobile phone, plus a TaxTim introduction seminar followed up with assistance on their online helpdesk.

TaxTim asks simple questions in plain language and then automatically completes your tax return for you, based on your answers. TaxTim then provides step-by-step assistance with submitting your return to SARS via eFiling, in person or through your tax practitioner.

TaxTim is the brainchild of young South African entrepreneurs, Marc Sevitz, a qualified CA and tax specialist, and Evan Robinson, an inventor and software developer, who after being selected to join the national Google Umbono programme last year, created a fun, easy and fast online tax return solution for young professionals.

“We understand the hassle and grief that comes with completing your tax returns, as well as the necessity and cost too. Doing taxes is now as easy as having a conversation. TaxTim is a fast, friendly and simple way of filing your tax returns at minimal cost and in record time,” said Sevitz, co-founder of TaxTim.

All you need to do is visit www.taxtim.co.za and register, answer TaxTim’s easy questions and pay a once off fee of R199. If you're lucky, you will complete your tax return and have submitted it in less than twenty minutes. And if you tell your friends about TaxTim on Facebook or Twitter, you only pay R169.

“TaxTim helps you every step of the way: registering for a tax number, signing up for eFiling, completing your return correctly and finally submitting to SARS - confident in the knowledge that you have done things right. We offer a professional service for all individual taxpayers regardless of income level,” said Evan Robinson, co-founder of TaxTim.

TaxTim saves you time, money and your sanity. Discover Employee Assist at www.taxtim.com/business.
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