Personal branding – it’s all about you

Like it or not we are all branded. Take responsibility for your personal branding and marketing with the aim of packaging yourself in a way that makes you stand out.

Branding and marketing specialist, Donna Rachelson offers tips on how to position your personal brand, and then how to market your brand.

Personal branding tips:

  1. Get feedback from others about how they perceive your brand. Ask colleagues, clients and friends to describe brand you. Evaluate their responses and if they are not what you were hoping for, establish how you will go about changing the way others perceive you.
  2. Identify your uniqueness and what makes you an asset to your organisation. Find ways to communicate these differentiators to others in a consistent manner.
  3. Find ways to be memorable. Make sure that everything you do has unique touch to it to create a personal and memorable connection.
  4. Develop your personal brand story. Make sure that you have a compelling and authentic story about yourself that evokes an emotional reaction from others.
  5. Assess and develop your online brand. Google yourself to assess your current online brand. Remove any compromising pictures of yourself from Facebook and join LinkedIn and Twitter to build your online brand. Be careful to be consistent – every online interaction needs to support your personal brand.

Five tips to more effectively market your personal brand

  1. Understand that everything counts. Every time you attend a meeting, answer the phone, introduce yourself or give a presentation, you are marketing your personal brand. Find ways to make that experience memorable and impressive every time. Determine the best ways to communicate the value you deliver to your customers, colleagues and network contacts.
  2. Increase your visibility. Low visibility equates to no visibility. Write articles for professional journals, join committees and associations, be active on online forums, run workshops or develop your public speaking skills. Irrespective of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, there are many different tactics you can employ to increase your visibility.
  3. Build your network. Identify all opportunities to expand your network and build relationships. Remember that networking is not all about what you can get out of contacts but also what you can do for contacts. Ultimately your aim should be to end up with a few solid, authentic and mutually beneficial relationships rather than a large but shallow network.
  4. Marketing is not a contact sport. The frequency of your contact with customers, colleagues or networking contacts is as important as the quality of your interactions. Make contact with your clients at least every 30 days to ensure you are top of mind because it’s guaranteed your competitors are talking to your clients. Make sure that every interaction adds value.
  5. Leverage word-of-mouth marketing. Satisfied customers and impressed colleagues are your best salespeople. Help people to ‘sell’ you by ensuring that they understand what you stand for and how you deliver value. Ask clients that are happy with your work to recommend you to other potential clients and to give you a personal introduction.

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