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The skills needed for the future of work are evolving, and newly appointed managers or prospective candidates need to be well equipped to deal with the challenges they might face. The times we live in inspire innovation with the technology available; managers require skills that may not have a few years ago. Now, more than ever before, employees and leaders need to stay abreast of change. Business leaders having to navigate significant organisational changes and social challenges beyond their expectations is now becoming the norm.

New managers need to have the skills to anticipate potential risks and disruptions in the workplace. They also need to adjust their leadership style to take advantage of the pandemic's new opportunities. There is also a growing demand for empathic leadership styles that understand that people perform best when their leaders meet their needs and concerns. Managers need to consider the new work-life balance that people have working from home; addressing the team's needs is essential in maintaining synergy in the structure and flow.

New expectations require a new set of skills that inspires camaraderie in a team. Making sure new managers are equipped to tackle their respective roles will help an organisation build trust and set them in a direction to help them achieve their goals.

Our world has been facing some of the toughest challenges and disruptions most recently. Due to this, leaders in professional spaces will need to build a sustainable skillset that secures their place in the workforce in the future. Adaptable and change-driven leaders will enable the future of work to flourish.

UKZN Extended Learning offers an Emerging Managers Programme that has been designed to fulfil this need. If you would like to secure your place or find out more information about this programme, please click here.

You can also contact us directly for more information on the programme:

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