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03 MAY 2021
The leaders of tomorrow require a different set of skills

Emerging managers have the daunting task of producing results, swiftly adapting to changes in the industry, and effectively navigating in unknown territory. In a fast-paced business environment having good leaders is essential for a smooth transition.

The shift from being managed to being a manager requires understanding management’s context and requirements in a competitive, market-driven environment. The purpose of the emerging manager’s programme is to emphasise the focus being placed on the process skills that new and emerging managers need to work with. Prospective emerging managers will learn to employ tools to manage conflict, manage diversity, and improve communication that will help embrace new challenges with almost seamless resolution.

A company’s trajectory often depends on the leadership involved, which is why it is beneficial for organisations to invest in initiatives that capacitate the future leaders of that organisation. The presence of solid leadership correlates to the performance and engagement across the board for greater impact. Due to a significant age gap in upcoming and outgoing leadership, it is more important than ever for new managers to be equipped to take on positions of influence with industry-specific skills through development during the earlier stages of their careers.

The leaders of tomorrow require a different set of skills than the leaders of yesterday to manage their teams effectively. Individuals identified as emerging leaders, supervisors, team leaders, and technical specialists should consider enrolling in an Emerging Managers or Manging for Impact programmes to propel their careers further.

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