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As people deal with challenging times in their business and personal spheres, so there has arisen an opportunity for a profession of coaches and mentors to support and enhance the potential of the individual and the business client. As the amount of people committed to developing potential in others grows, so more and more coaches and mentors have entered the South African market. It has become apparent that there is a need for a body that can enhance the profession of coaching and mentoring by providing a vendor independent forum for coaches and mentors to learn from one another and to form standards and structures that allow all stakeholders of the profession to be able to operate at the highest level. COMENSA will strive to ensure the best possible reputation for coaches and mentors within South Africa and attempt to set a benchmark for the industry in South Africa.

COMENSA is working to include all coaches and mentors and others interested in the field and has regular meetings to discuss coaching/mentoring issues. It also has special interest groups in related subjects such as research, definitions, supervision, ethics, marketing, etc

These regular meetings are held once per month with extra meetings for each special interest group, plus public forums where we invite as large an audience as possible to assist us to build relevant standards and values for this industry body.

COMENSA will also lobby the government where necessary when it comes to coaching and mentoring issues.

It is also a forum where coaches and potential coachees can come into contact. Organisations are supporting the establishment of COMENSA so that they can engage in business with coaches and mentors and have some level of comfort as to the credibility of those that they choose - a professional body allows them to field complaints or issues to protect themselves and the reputation of all coaches and mentors.

Supporting professional practice and a learning culture in coaching and mentoring through standards and ethics.

Empowering people to achieve their full potential in a consciousness of sustainable well-being.


  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Accountability
  • Inclusivity
  • and Professionalism.

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