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Latest Features
27 JUNE 2016

We need a miracle!

What the hell is going on? Tshwane is burning because citizens are supposedly unhappy with the Mayoral candidate nominated by ANC leadership. Reaction defaults immediately to destructive violence.
30 JANUARY 2016

Is Maimane a leader to be reckoned with?

Is Mmusi Maimane a leader that will or can change the face of South African politics? On face value one can’t imagine that he wouldn’t. If only politics everywhere, but more particularly in South Africa was that simple and uncomplicated.
02 AUGUST 2015

Julius Sello Malema – A leader to watch

Julius Malema has presence, charisma, and gravitas. When he walks into a room, no matter what his dress code, attention shifts to him.
24 FEBRUARY 2015

The SONA Saga

Why don’t we see President Zuma leading in ways that inspire, unite and immediately drill down to the essence of what people, the country and politics in general need?
13 JUNE 2014

11 principles of turnaround leadership

How do you turn around your ailing organisation, or move out of the hole you find yourself in at this time?
08 APRIL 2014

12 reasons why you are failing as a leader

Times are tough and most would agree that to succeed as a political, corporate, parastatal, civic or sports leader is becoming harder and harder.
11 MARCH 2014

The perfect leadership story

This is the perfect leadership story, emanating from St Albans College, one of the top schools in South Africa and an exemplary leadership academy for the future leaders of our country and beyond.
27 NOVEMBER 2013

Rob Otty – CEO Norton Rose Fulbright

The leadership success of Rob Otty, CEO Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa, can easily be overlooked. It is a story of a leader that has taken a South African law firm on to the global stage to become one of the top firms in the world.
31 OCTOBER 2013

Leadership and passion

Simple passion for one’s job seems to be disappearing quickly in the modern workplace, and as this happens the passion for excellence is also severely impacted in a negative way.
06 OCTOBER 2013

Gareth Cliff shapes a new kind of follower

Often when I show a slide to an audience of some of the leaders I have engaged, and the name of Gareth Cliff appears, a debate ensues as to whether he is in fact a leader.

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