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Latest Features
03 FEBRUARY 2020

Leadership lessons from Richard Maponya

On 6 January 2020, Dr Richard Maponya passed away. A legendary business icon and activist, Maponya was known to many as ‘Soweto’s most humble giant’.
03 NOVEMBER 2018

The tricky business of African expansion

The University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development (USB-ED) has been cementing their footprint across 13 African countries over the last decade. They've gained, lost and learnt a lot.
30 JULY 2018

Leadership lessons from the Boks and leading sports teams

On the sports field, we see a microcosm of life play out. When the going gets tough, sports stars get grounded. They pull together and rely on each other’s talents to turn the situation around. Perhaps that’s the big lesson for corporates.
02 APRIL 2018

Chickens, Polony and leadership boloney

When a catastrophe hits and a company doesn't have resilience built into its culture, that's when irreparable reputational damage can become a threat.
05 MARCH 2018

The organisation of the future: Exploring What if?

In a world in which disruption of everything and connectivity between everything (i.e. people and machines) are the new normal, what kind of organisations are likely to succeed?
04 DECEMBER 2017

How sport can teach business leaders to ‘pass the ball’

By equipping staff with intention, leaders can enable their people to respond appropriately to changing context in the field, without losing sight of the tactical imperative.
04 JULY 2017

Africa at a tipping point

"Africa at a tipping point" was the theme of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s annual leadership and corporate governance forum in Marrakesh, Morocco, in April.
29 JUNE 2017

5 principles to roll out real change in your organisation

Many organisations pursue change or transformation programmes that fail to meet expectations. One reason for this is that the critical change moment is often missed. Why does this happen, and how can change be steered more effectively?
31 MAY 2017

Preparing leaders for the fourth industrial revolution

The scale of disruption associated with the fourth industrial revolution brings about a chronic instability, where organisations must push the limits of innovation at the edge of chaos, to survive and thrive.
02 MAY 2017

Are there responsive and responsible leaders out there?

The world needs responsible leaders, women and men who are responsive, wise and brave. Such leaders understand that real influence is dependent on the affirmation of a broad range of stakeholders, not just followers.

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