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17 APRIL 2013

9 points to ponder

Points to ponder for personal and career development.
14 FEBRUARY 2013

The ultra-short course on Seduction

How can you seduce someone in business? The answer: you shouldn’t try to do that. Here's why.
16 NOVEMBER 2012

3-minute ego test

Do you have an ego problem? Probably not. But, take this 3-minute ego test and find out for yourself.
13 OCTOBER 2012

How to be Remarkable

Being remarkable has many benefits – the biggest one is that you have a better opportunity to make a bigger difference in this world. But one cannot become remarkable overnight.
16 AUGUST 2012

What’s wrong with waiting for an opportunity?

There is a saying: "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." It is a wise saying but some people stretch it to the opposite end, endlessly waiting for that "right" opportunity before they jump in.
13 APRIL 2012

10 good reasons to get a mentor

There is a good chance that you don’t have a mentor right now and are not even considering entering into such a relationship in the near future. Yet athletes have mentors, actors have mentors and business leaders have mentors.
15 FEBRUARY 2012

Who is an Entrepreneur?

It’s hard to "box" an entrepreneur, as there are so many different kinds of them. However, there are several characteristics that will make it easy to spot one.
13 JANUARY 2012

Radically different in 2012

Who wouldn’t want something radically different (on the positive side, of course) in the new year?

7 reasons why many smart people fail to lead

You have seen these people – the best of the best in the lot. They get promoted to become the leaders and all hell breaks loose. They are not only frustrated but they will also royally frustrate their followers.
20 JUNE 2011

Where should you draw the line on criticism?

You require a really fine balance when it comes to paying attention to criticism when you are on the receiving end.

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