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Latest Features
03 APRIL 2013

Food for thought

Paul Lindley, founder of baby food business Ella's Kitchen, has driven his company to phenomenal levels of growth. He talks here about the secret to a successful pitch, the benefits of exporting and flexible working.
02 JULY 2012

'If you don't do good, it will be harder to do well'

David Jones, chief executive of Havas and founder of One Young World, believes passionately that capitalism is changing and that business leaders need to alter their behaviour to stay ahead of the game.
01 JUNE 2012

LinkedIn's Ariel Eckstein

Managing director of LinkedIn Europe, Ariel Eckstein, talks about the challenges of hyper-growth, the perfect LinkedIn profile and why he isn't afraid to dress as a superhero.
13 APRIL 2012

Management is dead

Saatchi & Saatchi is one of the most successful agencies in the world, with big clients and cabinets packed with awards. How has Kevin Roberts motivated his people?
15 FEBRUARY 2012

Is Spar trying to take over the planet?

With a 25bn turnover, Spar is the world's largest independent retail food chain. Having already tapped lucrative Bric markets, the group has gained a foothold in the Middle East and is eyeing sub-Saharan Africa. Just how far can it go?
28 OCTOBER 2011

Can crowdsourcing give your company the edge?

Crowdsourcing is transforming business but it's still not yet mainstream. We talk to three experts about the benefits of collaborative working and how it could give your company the competitive edge.

Lotus: Can they compete with rivals Porsche and Ferrari?

Sports car maker Lotus is heading upmarket. Its ambition to rival luxury brands Porsche and Ferrari will see the launch of five new models in under four years. We met the man behind the plan.
06 JUNE 2011

What's next for social giant Facebook?

Facebook is growing at a phenomenal rate. But will the discovery of new revenue streams help the company justify its valuation?
15 APRIL 2011

Does HR add strategic value?

Few directors make the journey from HR boss to chief executive despite a rising demand for leaders with strong people skills. But boardroom scepticism may be waning as the two roles move closer together.
17 MARCH 2011

How do firms in struggling sectors thrive?

How do businesses make money and create jobs in troubled sectors? Here four companies flourishing against the grain reveal secrets of their success.

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