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02 DECEMBER 2019

Changing the South African narrative

Putting events and indicators into fuller context.
04 NOVEMBER 2019

"In gold we trust"

Gold has remained a reserve asset in the most important central bank balance sheets and more recently we have witnessed the highest gold purchases by central banks since 1971 and an ongoing trend to repatriate gold reserves.
02 JUNE 2018

The corporate cauldron

Reflecting on the wider issues of the Steinhoff scandal.
04 DECEMBER 2017

Immunity breeds impunity

What is needed now is for one or a few of our untouchable princes, including some of those in private sector institutions, to be handcuffed in his or her office, marched to jail and subjected to robust prosecution.
02 MAY 2017

The forgotten value

And its increasing relevance in our political and economic circumstance.
04 JUNE 2016

Economic cohesion

How going back to basics can achieve it.
30 JANUARY 2016

Recapturing our finest hour

Of all of the most majestic goals we can have as a nation, there is none greater than achieving a state of peaceful multi-culturism.
04 MAY 2015

Psychopathy and leadership

It may be a bit of a provocative headline but recent research gives interesting perspectives on whether certain leadership positions attract psychopathic behaviour.
13 MARCH 2015

I don’t believe in "if" anymore

It seems to be happening more frequently lately: using hypothetical arguments to silence criticism.
07 OCTOBER 2014

Defining the entrepreneur

Good entrepreneurs will ensure good returns for investors. But that is not their job. Rather it is the job of a good investor and his advisors to identify and support good entrepreneurs in the pursuit of their visions and dreams.

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