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Latest Features
06 JUNE 2015

Leading with morality

As the continent democratises and economies grow, the individual will emerge as the great power to contend with. And what values guide these individuals’ behaviour is one of the most critical leadership questions facing Africa.
28 APRIL 2015

South Africa’s 10 most influential businesswomen

Some amazing women have travelled the distance, despite the odds and the obstacles, to become women of influence in the business world.
30 MARCH 2015

What makes a business visionary?

South Africa has a proud clutch of people who changed the face of business and improved our lives with their often simple yet revolutionary ideas, followed by the drive and courage to realise them.
12 FEBRUARY 2015

Will the right kind of entrepreneur please stand up?

High-impact entrepreneurs are inclined to pursue growth and innovation. They are the actors who intensify competition, provide the largest potential for new jobs, and enhance economic growth.
02 DECEMBER 2014

Tech start-ups

Although South Africa’s start-ups are evidently innovative and creative, there is still a long way to go before they wield the power and might of Silicon Valley.
13 NOVEMBER 2014

Herman Mashaba: Work hard, take risks, give back

Herman Mashaba is a self-proclaimed capitalist and is outspoken in his concern about the high rate of unemployment and his aversion to the labour laws, black economic empowerment (BEE) policies, and government grants.
07 OCTOBER 2014

Employees as partners

Is the time right to hand over ownership?

What would it take to make South Africa better?

We are at a crossroads in South Africa, and we're all wondering what it would take to make this country better.
03 AUGUST 2014

That women can have it all - family and career - is hogwash

Women feel they need to work harder and sacrifice more to prove their worth and get ahead. Men, on the other hand, don’t have the same reservations.
29 JUNE 2014

In discussion with Jay Naidoo

Poverty and joblessness are the two biggest challenges facing South Africa in particular and Africa in general. Former ANC stalwart, Jay Naidoo, believes that by getting the youth involved in agriculture, these are surmountable.

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