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25 FEBRUARY 2021

Older workers’ employability is an HRD responsibility

While people are working longer and longer, there is a perception that older workers are less able to move between jobs than younger cohorts, and HR needs to address that.
27 FEBRUARY 2020

Upskilling and 'human digitisation' at Henkel

Staff at Henkel identified what skills were needed to take jobs forward on the organisation’s journey to digitisation, and paths were created for managers and blue-collar workers.

4 employee experience myths that must be tackled

Leah Johnson, vice president of advisory at Gartner, outlined the popular myths that HR should be aware of around employee experience.
02 APRIL 2019

HR's mental health: Letting people in is hard but necessary

The importance of wellbeing programmes and policies in the workplace.
21 APRIL 2018

Managers' four biggest AI challenges

AI provides answers, careless of the impact, while humans are looking for discretion and support.
05 DECEMBER 2016

Will AI augment or replace HR?

We investigate the different guises of artificial intelligence for HR and ask what organisations need to do to ensure they can exploit it.
01 MAY 2016

How senior team character impacts the bottom line

Senior leadership teams' behaviour can affect the way front line staff perform, and subsequently the bottom line.
30 MARCH 2016

That tricky grey area: what sets great leaders apart?

Great leaders have shown that when the road becomes bumpy they come into their own. Tweaking and adjusting strategy while always adhering to the core objectives is one grey area of leadership that sets the great ones apart.
02 AUGUST 2015

Dave Ulrich: Don't blow up HR, appreciate and evolve it

Those in the HR field often lament the things that are not going well. Every few years there are public critiques about the field of HR: Why We Hate HR; It’s Time to Split HR; and It’s Time to Blow-Up HR.
04 MAY 2015

Predicting the future of retention and engagement

Retention and engagement are key business issues around the world. But unlike other global people challenges they may prove to be bigger than HR alone.

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