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05 DECEMBER 2016

Working with ethical dilemmas

Many of the issues that coaches and mentors encounter can be classified as ethical dilemmas. These occur when a person either feels that they are being asked to do things that are against their moral values.
27 JUNE 2016

When the client’s problem is someone else

A common situation brought to coaching is that the client feels powerless to achieve change, because they believe that the problem is someone else.
30 APRIL 2016

Power distribution and its impact on team performance

The impact of power differentials on how teams and groups work is not as straightforward as it might seem.
02 NOVEMBER 2015

When is the best time to procrastinate?

When procrastination is habitual, it’s not easy to overcome. However, addressing each stage of the cycle makes the odds a lot better.
13 MARCH 2015

Why leading change just keeps getting more complicated

Most of the change that happens to people, organisations and societies is neither managed nor led – it just happens to us. Sometimes the impact is desirable; other times not.
12 FEBRUARY 2015

8 tactics for dealing with the office sociopath

The sociopath in the workplace brings frustration and misery to colleagues and to anyone, who tries to manage them.
17 FEBRUARY 2014

What do we mean by success?

Many people are driven to achieve a goal, only to find when they get there that it is not what they wanted. Goals that aren’t aligned with personal values can be described as transactional or "thin".

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