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Latest Features
03 MAY 2021

Why are leadership skills no longer enough?

In the case of leaders, the pressure of the pandemic has revealed a weakness that has been lurking for a little while now.
02 APRIL 2021

Are you a hope-full or hope-less leader?

There’s something leaders now need to give their people, and that’s hope.
25 FEBRUARY 2021

Can you spot an opportunity when you see it?

If you’re an HR Professional, are you seeing the opportunities for the "people" people to rise to meet a growing business need?
01 FEBRUARY 2021

What kind of pants are you wearing?

We often use the expression, "It’s time to put your big boy/big girl pants on," when telling someone that they need to start acting in a mature, adult way.
29 OCTOBER 2020

What’s wrong with leadership training?

For those leaders serious about making it beyond Covid, it’s back to leadership school.
26 AUGUST 2020

Does disruption distress you?

A word that’s on everybody’s lips at the moment – apart from words like "pandemic", "Covid19" and "lockdown" – is the word "disruption".
03 AUGUST 2020

What do we learn from pressure?

As the pandemic spreads across and through countries, it continues to put increasing pressure on just about everyone and everything.
30 MAY 2020

Can you spot the wizards with their smoke and mirrors?

Amidst all the pressure, who should you be listening to when so many voices are shouting in your ears, urging you to follow their home-baked advice?
03 JUNE 2019

What is the first law of life?

Many things in life have one important law that comes before all others. In other words, if you break that law, all other laws are pointless.
02 APRIL 2019

Why has there been such a failure of leadership?

Despite the leadership development business being a multibillion dollar/pound/rand business, ethical political and business leaders who inspire confidence are few and far between.

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