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Latest Features
25 FEBRUARY 2021

3 steps to the "best next" workplace

When COVID-19 wanes, returning to normal won’t be good enough. Leaders need practices to help them create a future that’s amazing.
01 FEBRUARY 2021

5 opportunities for CMOs in a pandemic-impacted world

Marketing was already at a defining moment, but COVID-19 has hastened the need for transformation.
29 OCTOBER 2020

Sustaining productivity in a virtual world

Maintaining productivity levels among remote employees is an enduring challenge. Here are five ways to help people and businesses thrive in the post-pandemic world of work.
27 FEBRUARY 2020

10 CEO perspectives on upskilling

To better understand how leaders view the effects of technology on their workforces and society, strategy+business looked back on two years’ worth of interviews conducted with CEOs from around the world.
04 NOVEMBER 2019

10 principles of workforce transformation

How to raise the skills of your employees to meet your digital challenges.
03 DECEMBER 2018

Building trust while cutting costs

During a restructuring, rumours spread and fear takes hold. You can reduce the turmoil by finding ways to inform, empower, and inspire employees.
02 APRIL 2018

Overcoming challenges during a major transformation

Michael Pennisi, the chief executive of QSuper, one of Australia’s largest pension funds, describes how to change direction at scale.

Fear of disruption can do more harm than actual disruption

Resist the urge to react too hastily to major change - or to use it as an excuse not to take action. Focus instead on making the fundamental strategic choices necessary to strengthen your business.
07 AUGUST 2017

The new class of Digital Leaders

Faced with organisational challenges, more and more companies are hiring an executive to manage their digital transformation.
02 MAY 2017

10 principles for leading the next Industrial Revolution

Tools and techniques to ensure your company will stand out in the new age of digitisation.

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