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Latest Features
05 DECEMBER 2016

The single best piece of business advice you’ll ever get

What’s the single best piece of business advice you’d ever received?
31 JANUARY 2016

2 simple diagrams that will save your business

Very often we spend so much time trying to repair fundamentally broken customer relationships, or to motivate naturally unmotivated staff, that we miss focusing on the relationships that matter most.
02 NOVEMBER 2015

The real secret to business success

The truth is, despite what publishers and bloggers want you to believe, there is no secret to business success.
04 JULY 2015

Dude, where’s your car?

To a lesser degree the Gautrain and to a much greater degree Uber have given previously advantaged Johannesburgers the option NOT to own a motor car.
01 MAY 2015

Why Internet famous isn’t business smart

Companies are appointing successful Instagrammers, accomplished bloggers, and influential "Twelebs" into significant business decision-making positions. But is this smart?
02 FEBRUARY 2015

Meetings suck. Fix them with 6 easy steps

Meetings are widely considered an abominable waste of time. And yet, we still have them.
10 JANUARY 2015

It’s not personal, it’s business

Deceit is not cool. Deceit breaks trust, and trust is astonishingly hard to rebuild once broken. And this is where leadership becomes incredibly difficult.
28 NOVEMBER 2014

The measure of character in the Information Age

This last decade has changed many things, but none more so than our ability to portray and publish a digital façade or version of ourselves that is in many ways unrealistic or even untrue.
20 AUGUST 2014

5 things I learned when I lost my desk

In a world where things change as often as they do, comfort zones are counter-productive at best.
08 APRIL 2014

4 sensible stages for social media strategy

What is social media strategy, other than a buzzed up phrase that results in a heap of expensive slideshows and zero business value?

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