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Latest Features

Quest for online success

The ever growing popularity of the internet is evident in the way in which the working world is evolving before our very eyes.
13 APRIL 2012

Why Facebook bought Instagram

Why did Facebook pay a billion dollars for Instagram? The answer is simple: Facebook wants to own photo-sharing.
15 JANUARY 2010

Now employing: signpost for 2010

Two ads in the employment section of the latest Sunday Times offer two related signposts for the development of technology infrastructure in South Africa during 2010, writes Arthur Goldstuck.
16 JULY 2009

I am a RICA criminal

The RICA law requiring all cellular SIM cards to be registered came into effect on 1 July. Arthur Goldstuck tests the law and confesses to a new crime.
15 MAY 2009

All change in cabinet - but not in ICT

The appointment of a new Minister and Deputy Minister of Communications has both raised and dashed hopes for a new era for the advancement of telecommunications in South Africa.

Telco Jabberwock is dead!

In a decision that may change the shape of South African telecommunications, a High Court ruling was made on 29 August 2008 by Justice Dennis Davis that Value Added Network Service licence holders, which include all Internet Service Providers, must be allowed by the regulator to provide their own network infrastructure. Arthur Goldstuck assesses the implications.
16 JUNE 2008

MWEB sale a signal of change

The announcement recently that Naspers has put MWEB up for auction created a stir of surprise, but not shock.
17 MAY 2008

How to handle media in a time of crisis

Just as an army should always be on red alert and prepared to go into battle at a moment’s notice, companies should be geared to manage their reputation, deal with often unwelcome media interest, and mitigate the consequences of bad publicity.
14 MARCH 2008

The beleaguered brand in 2008

Brand strategists and marketers face major challenges in 2008: from the painful death of traditional advertising and the stratospheric rise of social networking to environmental consciousness and, in South Africa, a divided ANC. Idea Engineers’ Managing Partner, Janice Spark, looks at what we can expect on the brand front this year.

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