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Latest Features
31 JANUARY 2014

Death ends a life: not a relationship

The best gift we can give Tata, ourselves and our country is to live according to his inspiring legacy.
16 NOVEMBER 2013

Cherish our partners and loved ones

Human beings need to be reminded that they’re loved and valued – not just from our actions, but from our affirmations to them.

Don't forget where you come from

While the journey forward into affluence is well deserved, it’s important to keep our eyes not only on where we’re going, but on where we’ve come from.
29 JANUARY 2013

Never be anything other than yourself

Striving to clone yourself on others is a myopic exercise, and ignores the particular power and magic which only you can exert.
16 AUGUST 2012

Women in business: Barriers must be removed

The progress made in increasing female representation in boardrooms, for example, is still disturbingly low.
13 APRIL 2012

Don’t blow it – good planets are hard to find

Nowadays, environmentalism is as much the responsibility of business and industry as it is of any other sector of society.
02 FEBRUARY 2012

Change can be a good thing

Change is a frightening process, destroying our security zones and forcing us to redefine ourselves. The need to adapt or lose relevance is true in business, but is equally true in relationships.
02 DECEMBER 2011

2011: A lot to be thankful for

While unemployment and political upheaval have dominated many of the headlines this year, there’ve also been encouraging and heartening developments which indicate that we have a lot to be thankful for.
01 APRIL 2011

We all need a little faith

When it comes to fulfilling our destiny in work and life, faith surely plays a central role in acquiring the courage required to keep going, despite all the challenges and drawbacks which arise.
25 FEBRUARY 2011

Want success? Realism is every bit as necessary as idealism

For all the mantras of our modern age exhorting us to believe we can do anything, there is such a thing as over-confidence – and it’s usually the result of arrogance and injudicious haste.

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