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Latest Features
29 NOVEMBER 2021

Negotiators should decrease concessions across rounds

Signalling your bottom line reduces your counterparty’s ambitions.
01 NOVEMBER 2021

5 lessons from Xiaomi’s path to smartphone supremacy

Xiaomi’s leadership team idolised Steve Jobs. Now, it seems the student has become the master.
04 OCTOBER 2021

3 steps to optimising your firm’s hybrid work strategy

You need a strong process to reconcile the needs and wants of your various stakeholders.
30 AUGUST 2021

6 steps to overcome shame

As old as time and very much universal, feelings of shame can lead to self-destructive behaviour in even the best of leaders.
28 JULY 2021

How Africa could astonish the world

Already the most dynamic and youngest continent, Africa could be the world’s next growth miracle – with the right type of leadership.
06 JULY 2021

How online product reviews affect market share

To find out how user-generated content affects your bottom line, you need a fine-tuned strategy for data analysis.
31 MAY 2021

4 ways today’s teams are making us lonely

They say it’s lonely at the top. But in the workplace, even team members are feeling lonely.
03 MAY 2021

Do CEOs matter?

Conditions that underpin the power and impact of chief executives vary widely, with remarkable results.
02 APRIL 2021

How to tame an aggressive colleague

Antagonistic behaviour is usually rooted in low self-esteem.
01 FEBRUARY 2021

Is there a scientific formula for start-up success?

Founders make fewer mistakes and pivot in the right direction when they learn to challenge their own assumptions and experiment continuously.

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