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01 MAY 2014


Underneath all relationships lurks this phenomena called values.
31 OCTOBER 2013

Looking for answers is a poor substitute for good questions

Our challenge comes in navigating information, making connections, synthesising and integrating. A good question is a great pilot for this navigation.
06 MAY 2013

How many moves ahead?

Garry Kasparov, the famous chess grand master, was once asked how many moves ahead he was able to see.
27 FEBRUARY 2013

Innovative disagreement

When battle lines have been drawn, adversarial collaboration may be a constructive and creative way to move the debate on forward.
29 JANUARY 2013

A strategic way to find a new job

If you're planning on finding a new job this year and have updated your CV to start sending it to companies then stop before you go any further.
03 NOVEMBER 2012

Relationships count

The quality of the relationships in a company directly impact the success of the business.
27 MAY 2010

Lewis Pugh – Activist Polar Bear

Lewis Pugh knows how to raise the temperature on the issue of climate change. His swims in freezing oceans around the world have earned him the title of the Human Polar Bear.
31 MARCH 2010

Has Google outgrown ‘do no evil’?

"The bigger they are the harder they fall" is a reminder to Google that it cannot step as nimbly and unobtrusively as it did in its early years where it boldly took on a number of markets which it quickly dominated.
25 FEBRUARY 2010

Gary Kirsten on his strategy to get India to No. 1

I caught up with my partners Gary Kirsten & Paddy Upton last week on the eve of their historic win over South Africa. The game confirmed India’s position as the top cricket test playing nation. I wanted to pick their brains on strategy.
03 OCTOBER 2009

Leonard Chuene’s real mistake

Athletics South Africa (ASA) president Leonard Chuene fell into the classic trap of not thinking far enough ahead when he made the fateful decision not to withdraw Caster Semenya from the Berlin competition.

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