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Latest News
03 APRIL 2021

Vaccine roll-out: Spotlight back on Africa’s power crisis

As African countries scramble to acquire and roll-out vaccines across the continent, the urgent need for reliable energy supply is once again in the spotlight.
30 OCTOBER 2020

The grass isn’t always greener in the home office

Working from home has been a blessing for some but brought new demands and strains for others – including a rise in mental health issues.
29 OCTOBER 2020

Funders are not seeing the big picture in South Africa

An award-winning case study on local digital animation filmmaker, Triggerfish, has highlighted the absurdity of lack of access to funding for SMEs operating in the creative space.

Retailers can still succeed, but they need to embrace change

Few industries are being disrupted as rapidly as retail. Those left standing will be the ones that can embrace change and keep innovating.
30 MAY 2020

It's the 80s rewind - but with internet

Africa is riding the wave of digital opportunity as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. As consumers adjust to the new normal businesses must move fast to take advantage. The winners will be those who are most creative and agile in execution.
30 MAY 2020

3 tips for managing and motivating teams during Covid-19

The current crisis is offering many businesses in South Africa an opportunity to rethink how they manage and motivate their teams for the better.
06 MAY 2020

We need to mobilise communities in fight against Covid-19

While scientists and big pharma work on vaccines, innovations and solutions developed at the community level will be key to slowing the spread of the virus.
05 NOVEMBER 2019

Gender-based violence must be on the agenda 365 days a year

The protests around gender-based violence that took place parallel to the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town had a powerful impact. Now activists and advocates for social justice must build on this momentum.
05 NOVEMBER 2019

Climate change action starts with each one of us

Climate change is a global emergency and citizens must play a bigger role in addressing it.
05 JUNE 2019

5 attributes of successful women leaders

Leadership experts list five key attributes that are often demonstrated by successful, professional women - and the good news is that these are skills any woman can develop, they believe.

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