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04 NOVEMBER 2019

WBS puts Africa at the centre of its Master’s programme

Finance is the very pillar of business. Or, as Professor Kalu Ojah of Wits Business School puts it, it is the "blood in the veins" of all corporate and state-owned entities.
15 MAY 2015

South Africa’s top inventions that went global

South Africa is never top of the list when people think of inventions, but perhaps that is because they don’t know we have some pretty heavy-hitting inventions used around the world, writes Toby Shapshak.
24 FEBRUARY 2015

Is BEE scaring off foreign investors?

Foreign money is key to creating the 11 million jobs that the National Development Plan says South Africa needs by 2030. But will the government’s stricter empowerment codes prove too much of a burden for investors?
12 FEBRUARY 2015

Will the right kind of entrepreneur please stand up?

High-impact entrepreneurs are inclined to pursue growth and innovation. They are the actors who intensify competition, provide the largest potential for new jobs, and enhance economic growth.
10 JANUARY 2015

How will we keep the lights on in 2020?

As a warning of another proposed power outage in Johannesburg is circulated, the combined concern escalates. The worry of a future without affordable and constantly available electricity has spread around the country.
02 DECEMBER 2014

Tech start-ups

Although South Africa’s start-ups are evidently innovative and creative, there is still a long way to go before they wield the power and might of Silicon Valley.
03 AUGUST 2014

That women can have it all - family and career - is hogwash

Women feel they need to work harder and sacrifice more to prove their worth and get ahead. Men, on the other hand, don’t have the same reservations.
29 JUNE 2014

In discussion with Jay Naidoo

Poverty and joblessness are the two biggest challenges facing South Africa in particular and Africa in general. Former ANC stalwart, Jay Naidoo, believes that by getting the youth involved in agriculture, these are surmountable.
08 APRIL 2014

An economy on the slippery slope

Twenty years into democracy, South Africa has stumbled on hard economic times. The slide in the rand, lagging growth and the increase in the current account deficit, ahead of elections, are worrying signs.
27 MARCH 2014

Garnishee orders impact on labour issues

Credit is being handed out in an extremely reckless way and many can’t afford to pay back loans.

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