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01 FEBRUARY 2021

Capitec: Business as usual

Capitec Bank’s rise in the South African banking landscape reads like a fairy tale.
25 NOVEMBER 2020

How to be a Blue Ocean strategist in the post-pandemic world

A blue ocean mindset uncovers hidden opportunities amid the Covid-era economic crisis.
29 OCTOBER 2020

Don't just look into the future: script it

The future hasn't arrived for anyone yet. Time to script it in your favour.
29 OCTOBER 2020

Is strategy a false prophet?

Is it a nice construct that sells books and courses but has no real correlation to success?

Why Amazon is leaving legacy retailers in the dust

What is the secret to the unparalleled success that keeps Amazon growing while so many traditional retailers are shutting their doors?
25 AUGUST 2020

Can Tesla maintain its momentum?

Electric vehicle and storage battery maker Telsa and its cofounder and CEO, Elon Musk, have stunned the world with robust performance and a soaring stock price. But can they maintain that momentum for the rest of this year and beyond?
25 AUGUST 2020

The five-year plan is dead

The very concept of ‘strategic planning’ has been under pressure for about 50 years. We’ve just chosen to ignore it.
03 AUGUST 2020

When the ground shifts, it pays to be agile

The companies that emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis will be the ones that address three critical factors in the coming months: cost, speed, and resilience.
03 AUGUST 2020

Testing, testing, testing... switching from VUCA to BANI

Every business owner would agree that it is not only the past four months of lockdown that have been devastating to their business, but now there is the added insult of uncertainty for the rest of the year. 2020 is basically a write-off.
03 AUGUST 2020

Commercial vulnerability

If you're too busy protecting what you think you're good at, you could be in big trouble.