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03 MAY 2021

How to do hybrid right

When designing flexible work arrangements, focus on individual human concerns, not just institutional ones.
03 MAY 2021

Working remotely two to three days a week, the best option

Contrary to popular belief, only 12% of employees want to work remotely every day. This data point helps bust one of the great working myths which had only gained traction during the COVID-19 pandemic.
03 MAY 2021

Zoom meetings are here to stay: can we beat the fatigue?

The struggle with Zoom fatigue is real. It’s so real that Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser has banned internal Zoom meetings on Fridays in an effort to combat it.
03 MAY 2021

Promoting leaders from within is the best approach

Greater productivity, greater employee buy-in, better retention rates: Research shows growing your own talent works.
02 APRIL 2021

CEOs need to take the lead on upskilling

A digitally savvy, engaged workforce helps businesses thrive amid uncertainty. Here are four reasons to act now.
02 APRIL 2021

Are you ready for the hybrid workplace?

In the post-pandemic world, many companies will embrace the lessons learned from more than a year of telecommuting and not fully return to the office.
02 MARCH 2021

Do your employees feel secure in their jobs?

Fear is rising in workplaces around the world - both for those working from home and in offices. A recent study shows 63% of South Africans are concerned they may lose their jobs in the next 12 months.
25 FEBRUARY 2021

Online Learning: Fundamentally part of the digital era

Online learning has become the "new normal", but how can both learners and instructors make a success of it?
25 FEBRUARY 2021

3 ways companies can support grieving employees

When we experience loss, grief travels with us everywhere - even work. What can companies do to support grieving employees?
25 FEBRUARY 2021

Can you spot an opportunity when you see it?

If you’re an HR Professional, are you seeing the opportunities for the "people" people to rise to meet a growing business need?