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Covid-19: Everything has changed

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world: It may take years for the global economy to recover, which will have dire implications for South Africa’s economic prospects.

The coronavirus scenarios: walking the tightrope

Given that the spread of the virus has been uneven, different parts of a country may need different approaches and time lines. One shoe does not fit all and any sign of resurgent clusters must be nipped in the bud.

5 ways leaders can maintain trust during a crisis

Trust is a vital requirement in any leadership endeavour. But the coronavirus pandemic has raised the stakes to historic levels.

A crisis management blueprint for COVID-19

Crisis is conquered through a positive combination of talents and competencies.

Show them you CARE: managing people in times of crisis

This isn’t the first time business leaders have been forced to make tough decisions in a crisis. What can you do to survive it?

Advantage beyond the crisis

Companies that master both the transitory and the transformational response to a crisis reap long-term rewards.

How brands can lead into a new era

Covid-19 has created fundamental changes to the way we live, work and think. Two significant implications come to mind for brands in this new era: a requirement to drive purpose-led organisations, and accelerated digital transformation.

Employment challenges after lockdown

Aside from the adverse economic, health and social impact of the Corona crisis on people generally, employers are also confronted by complex legal issues and facing several employment challenges after lockdown.

46 strategies for dealing with gut-wrenching downturns

Unprecedented times. We've seen nothing like this before. The last time things felt out of control was the Great Recession.


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