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Jeff Bezos says 10 choices lead to a life without regrets

According to Jeff Bezos, living a life filled with meaning comes down to how you answer this short list of questions.

Time to reinvent your career?

This could be a good moment to look at where you’re going, perhaps even change direction.

Stay unproductive - at least for a little while

Living in this moment is new for each of us in unique ways. Can we allow ourselves to be changed?

How to plan an orderly return to work

With governments around the world easing COVID-19 restrictions on movement, companies are tentatively preparing to return to work.

South Africa is at a crossroads

In a time of crisis, there can never be a flawless plan, but a sense of responsibility and grace in the exercise of power is the minimum that the public expects.

COVID-19 sick leave crisis looming

With a large proportion of the population likely to become infected with Covid-19 before a vaccine is available, businesses are in for a rough ride in the coming months.

Waiting and worrying

It’s easy for us to choose to worry. The world is upside down, the slog continues, a tragedy unevenly but widely distributed.

6 roles you need on your AI team

Can you build new technological capacities during a global crisis? Yes – if you make the right decisions regarding your people.

How marketers can help their firms prepare for post-lockdown

In a very uncertain future there are certain things marketers can do to prepare for a post-lockdown world, and even some immediate opportunities that could help them navigate the unknown.


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