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How to spot when an employee is secretly struggling

An "emotional triaging" technique can help managers identify early warning signs of COVID-19 burn-out and take appropriate actions.

Want to help others? Talk about your failures, not successes

Even though most people don't realise it, the latest research posits that mistakes, errors, and disastrous decisions are more useful for helping people perform better.

Wake up to the new workplace revolution

Build a business that outruns the future and outperforms rivals. Replace bureaucracy with humanocracy.

When the ground shifts, it pays to be agile

The companies that emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis will be the ones that address three critical factors in the coming months: cost, speed, and resilience.

Flying the flag in a crisis

David McKay spoke to Amplats CEO Natascha Viljoen about positioning the miner in an environment changed by Covid-19.

Commercial vulnerability

If you're too busy protecting what you think you're good at, you could be in big trouble.

Should entrepreneurs wait out the pandemic or forge ahead?

The coronavirus pandemic is causing heavy financial losses across industries - but that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs need to hold back until the economy recovers.

How the virus broke advertising

Advertising spend is down across almost all sectors as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown, as companies redirect funds to keep their businesses afloat and help employees stuck without an income.


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