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Can Tesla maintain its momentum?

Electric vehicle and storage battery maker Telsa and its cofounder and CEO, Elon Musk, have stunned the world with robust performance and a soaring stock price. But can they maintain that momentum for the rest of this year and beyond?

Stop sleepwalking through life

Many of us spend our time waiting in the wings until the right moment comes along to take the stage and play out our lives the way we really want to. Yet that moment never seems to come.

Why Jeff Bezos sold $3 billion in Amazon stock

When Jeff Bezos sells Amazon stock, most people assume it sends a signal about Amazon's prospects. But the sale matters for a much different reason.

Making an iconic South African shoe globally recognisable

From A-listers and royalty to ordinary folk, here at home and abroad, people are enamoured with the redesign and return of the iconic South African velskoen shoe.

The 100 hour asset

We’re all so busy doing our work that sometimes we fail to build a skill worth owning.

Complex adaptive leadership

How do you lead with a clear mind and a compassionate heart while the foundations of your business are being shaken to their core?

3 CEO strategies to guide companies through crises

We distil top executives’ experience for the ideas that work.

The five-year plan is dead

The very concept of ‘strategic planning’ has been under pressure for about 50 years. We’ve just chosen to ignore it.


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