05 NOVEMBER 2019
GIBS/TWIMS MBA Manufacturing Ambassador Scholarship
The Toyota Wessels Institute for Manufacturing Studies (TWIMS) in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) is offering ten scholarships for the 2020 intake for the GIBS/TWIMS MBA manufacturing focus.

The annual GIBS/TWIMS MBA Manufacturing Ambassador Scholarship will be awarded to ten deserving South Africans. The qualification will be delivered exclusively at TWIMS’ state-of-the-art campus in Kloof, Durban. The scholarships will cover up to 90% of student tuition and global module expenses; and all residency costs at TWIMS during block release and exam periods.

TWIMS was established in 2018 with a single vision: An industrialised Africa built on world class manufacturing capabilities. The Institute is acutely aware of the complex operating environment facing South African based manufacturers and acknowledges that many deserving individuals are unable to pursue the GIBS MBA (manufacturing focus) due to financial constraints. As a result of a generous endowment from the Toyota South Africa Educational Trust, TWIMS will be able to fund up to ten Manufacturing Ambassador Scholarships annually from 2020.

Scholarship value:
The value of an individual scholarship is approximately R450,000 for the two-year duration of the MBA. This is based on tuition fees, accommodation over the two years, and participation in the global module. As the scholarship is for 90% of total costs, recipients will still need to fund about R50,000 of their total MBA costs and all travel costs if applicable.

Qualification criteria:
Applicants must meet the minimum requirements set by GIBS for MBA acceptance. Scholarship applications are adjudicated on the basis of the strength of their GIBS application, a letter to the scholarship adjudication panel explaining the contribution to African industrialisation that the applicant hopes to achieve upon graduating, and the provision of a portfolio of evidence detailing their background and interest in industrialisation (academic qualifications, work experience, and non-remunerated community or charity work). Applications are only open to South African nationals.

Significance of Scholarship:
Scholarships will only be granted to fully deserving candidates who are able to demonstrate deep commitment to industrial development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Scholarship recipients will be required to adhere to the highest ethical standards over the duration of their studies and operate as goodwill ambassadors of TWIMS and GIBS MBA.

Visit https://twimsafrica.com/scholarship/ for further information.

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