Stellenbosch Business School’s MBA is aimed at producing managers, professionals and entrepreneurs who can lead responsibly, make sound decisions, think strategically, communicate effectively and act as stewards of society. If you are aiming towards senior management positions and leadership roles, the MBA will prepare you for this.

SBS’s MBA is rigorous. It balances solid quantitative modules with personal development and leadership skills to deliver well-rounded graduates. Collaborative learning – where students learn from each other – is a key feature of the SBS MBA. Our MBA students are mature people: 34% of them have between 7 and 11 years of work experience while 42% have 12 or more years of work experience. Also, the students are diverse in terms of their undergraduate studies, work experience, geographies and cultures. The unique knowledge that each student brings to the table adds considerable richness to collaborative learning, enabling students to work with different perspectives. 

SBS’s MBA offers a generalist stream, for those who want to manage the functional areas of any business at senior manage level (career switchers), and two specialisation streams, for those who want domain expertise at senior management level in either in Health Care Leadership or Managing International Organisations:

  • MBA with generalist modules, which can be applied in any business sector
  • MBA with stream-specific modules in Managing International Organisations (MIO), which can be applied in international organisations, multinational for-profit organisations and development agencies or NGOs
  • MBA with stream-specific modules in Health Care Leadership (HCL), which can be applied in the public and private health care industry.

It is important to note that the core modules of all the MBA streams are the same. Two of the MBA streams have concentrations of modules that allow students to acquire specialised knowledge of the management of either international organisations or health care. These streams do not denote separate MBAs. All students will graduate with an MBA from Stellenbosch University.

  • NQF level: 9
  • Flexible formats: Full-time MBA (1 year), Modular MBA (2 years), Blended Learning MBA (2 years)
  • Language: All the formats are presented in English.
  • Learning activities: Lectures, guest lectures by practitioners, tutorials, syndicate groups, practical workplace experience and independent self-study.
  • Specialisation options: Health Care Leadership and Managing International Organisations
  • Online support: All classes are supplemented by SBS’s learning management system (Learning Hub). The course content is embodied in a series of lectures and group discussions, blended with course material composed of comprehensive course outlines, text books and journal articles. Students have to be thoroughly prepared for all lectures so as to extract the optimal benefit from contact sessions and collaborative learning.
  • Place of delivery: Classes are presented at the SBS campus in the Tyger Valley business district in northern Cape Town or via the pioneering glocal classroom where students join the class via an internet-linked device in real time and from anywhere in the world.

For further information, visit: SBS

Course details
  • Apply by: 05 February 2024
  • Start date: 12 February 2024
  • Schedule: Dates are TBC and serve as a guideline only
  • Venue:
  • Location: Bellville, South Africa
  • Costs:
  • Apply: Contact us using the details below
  • Enquiries: Sbs Enquiries, +27 (0)21 918 4111, usbcom@usb.ac.za
  • More details: Visit our web site for further information.

Course provider
Stellenbosch Business School
The internationally accredited Stellenbosch Business School offers MBA, Master’s, MPhil and PhD programmes as well as executive education programmes – all focused on the development of business leadership.
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