Digital Transformation for Executives

Digital transformation is a megatrend across industries, sectors and geographies. If you’re a business leader, you may be needing to weigh in on what this digital transformation looks like in your organisation - even though you’re not a technical specialist.

Using our unique framework of masterclasses and group work, we’ll get you up to speed with the latest digital concepts, so that you can get to grips with the issues that really matter, and make smarter decisions about how to drive your business forward.

Because digital transformation isn’t about tech – it’s about strategy.

Through our digital transformation course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Cut through the hype and get to grips with topics like AI, Blockchain, IoT and others.
  • Change your strategic thinking by learning how to integrate these principles into the DNA of your organisation.
  • Harness new technologies to improve business efficiency and agility, and deliver a competitive advantage.
  • Build futureproof strategies for your organisation in a complex and unpredictable digital landscape.

Who is this programme for?

This course is a comprehensive strategic deep dive into what true digital transformation across an organisation really looks like. As such, it’s specifically aimed at those in strategic and decision-making roles within large organisations, to help them become better leaders as they face the task of digital transformation.

Participants are executive-level leaders from their organisations in a wide range of industries and roles, including heads of department, managing directors and even company board executives.


Module 1 - The Context for Digital Transformation

Is 4IR marketing speak or are we really in the midst of significant change? What does it really mean to be a digital business? Should you care? This module sets the scene for a groundbreaking model for understanding and implementing digital platforms, products and behaviours in complex businesses.

Module 2 - The Spectrum of Digital Transformation

Learn and discuss how digital innovation happens in the form of digitisation, transformation, exploration and disruption from case studies and examples including LEGO, Costco, ShowMax, Dell, Fujifilm, and more.

Module 3 - The DARWIN Disruption Framework (Part I)

Discover and demystify the forces driving digital disruption in business, politics and society. We start with the building blocks of technology: Data, and piece together the relationships between Automation and AI, machine learning and deep learning.

Module 4 - The DARWIN Disruption Framework (Part II)

Expand your understanding by exploring the power of a decentralised internet, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and smart contract. Bring it all together with a deep dive into IoT and top it all off with a conversation about nanotechnology and our quantum futures.

Your learning path

Using relevant local and international case studies & group work, this course will be a collaboration of ideas and discussion between the facilitator and the group. During the four modules, you’ll discuss and analyse digital concepts and ideas among likeminded people who are on a similar executive level, but in different organisations and industries.

During and after the course, you’ll gain access to a closed LinkedIn group for further resources, discussion, brainstorming and networking.

About the trainers

Mike Stopforth is an entrepreneur & speaker, who previously founded social media company Cerebra. Cerebra won numerous multinational accounts and grew to become Africa’s leading social media agency. He worked with Coca-Cola, Samsung, Toyota, Vodafone, Google, Ford, Barclays, and many other remarkable brands before Cerebra was acquired by global advertising giant WPP in 2013.

Mike is passionate about transformational leadership and organisational change, helping executive teams get the best out of their people, especially in the midst of rapid change. As the director of Beyond Binary, he has spoken at over 300 corporate functions and industry events both locally and abroad, and has facilitated workshops for over 40 major brands.

For further information, visit: Beyond Binary

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  • Enquiries: Mike Stopforth, , mike@beyondbinary.co.za
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Course provider
Beyond Binary
Beyond Binary works with its clients to unpack the impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on their businesses by plotting their journey in terms of five distinct categories: Digital Denialism, Digital Enhancement, Digital Transformation, Digital Speculation, and Digital Disruption.
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